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4th of July July 4, 2014

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In relation to transhumanism, it’s important to remember the above constitutes the context for much of the technological change over the last couple centuries.  As such, colonialism and white supremacy stand always already implicated in the transhumanist project. How does keeping this history and present in mind influence how we dream of better worlds?

ABQ Pride 2014 June 1, 2014

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Pride 2014

As usual it was mainly a corporate and military lovefest a with a few of us swimming against the current.

Masculinity Kills May 24, 2014

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Today’s shooting in Santa Barbara puts this dynamic in stark relief. The shooter, Elliot Rodger, justified the shooting based on sexual and social frustration. “‘I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you,” ey said in video made just before the deadly rampage. “You will finally see that I am, in truth, the superior one – the true alpha male.” This isn’t an isolated incident but a consistent and logical outcome of a culture that fixates on social status and glorifies violence. It’s enough to make Cathy Brennan’s focus on male violence seem wise. Rodger was influenced by and part of the Men’s Rights movement.

Cops Here Bombs There May 20, 2014

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Welcome to the Police State I-40 ABQ May 20 2014

Over I-40 in Albuquerque, NM

The struggle against government violence continues to rage in Albuquerque and across the world. Remember this when spinning progress narratives. Are things really getting better? For whom? Modern civilization rests atop a mountain of historical and continuing horrors.

UNM Developing “Intelligent” Drones May 15, 2014

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In a bit of local news, University of New Mexico graduate student Corbin Whilhelmi is currently working on smarter drones for the U.S. military. Whilhelmi, of course, downplays the ethical implications of the project and focuses on better things to come:

“It doesn’t really creep me out. Some of my friends, It bothers them a little bit,” Whilhelmi said.

But Whilhelmi says while the creep factor is high, it’s not the most important thing about the work he does. He wants to someday develop intelligent prosthesis for wounded vets.

And researcher Patricio Cruz is working on a delivery drone that moves so precisely, its cargo won’t swing back and forth.

SCIENCE! is always for the greater good, even if it’s funded by the war machine. So the pattern repeats.

Marina Strinkovsky on Shulamith Firestone May 13, 2014

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I think we can, and must, learn from our radical predecessor the lessons of passion and vision without falling into the (sometimes real, often imagined) mistakes of modernist thinkers who were not embarrassed to commit to an absolute notion of a better world, and not ashamed to apply its optimism to the entire human race. Not just our flourishing and wellbeing, but our survival might depend on it.

Read it here.

Quotation for the Day May 7, 2014

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Reinaldo Arenas, Before Night Falls, 194:

Sexual pleasure often exacts a high price; sooner or later we pay with years of sorrow for every moment of pleasure. It’s not God’s vengeance but that of the Devil, the enemy of everything beautiful. Beauty has always been dangerous. Martí said that everyone who is the bearer of light remains alone; I would say that anyone who takes part in certain acts of beauty is eventually destroyed.

This matches my experience – which differs markedly from Arenas’s – but I’d extend the dynamic to pleasure in general. Whether from a marathon gaming session, sexual encounter, riot, or big meal, enjoyment too commonly entails future suffering.

Transhumanism and Anarchism Incompatible? May 4, 2014

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IEET just published a piece by John Danaher that assesses Elizabeth Kolovou and Stavros Karageorgakis’s anarchist argument against transhumanism. Sadly I’ve not by for anything more than passing remarks. Kolovou and Karageorgakis’s paper gets off to a inauspicious start by writing that “[t]ranshumanism does not express the visions of some insane techno freaks influenced by science fiction, but  ideas of well acknowledges philosophers and scientists of the West.” I’d say the movement contains both, and I’m more encouraged by the former than the latter. (There is of course some overlap.) The two authors provide a solid critique of transhumanism – in particular I echo their opinion of Nick Bostrom’s singleton – but I ultimately agree with Danaher conclusion if not necessarily with the logic that ey uses to reach it.

I think it’s more useful to identify various strands of anarchism as incompatible. As most folks in the anarchist scene know all too well, anarchists differ dramatically. So yeah, anarcho-primitivism and anarcho-transhumanism clash fundamentally at the theoretical level. Some anarchists promote nanotechnology, others send bombs to nanotechnology researchers. So it goes.

Flying Blue and Black for May Day May 1, 2014

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Why not?

IEET put up “What is Anarcho-Transhumanism?” by William Gillis today. It’s not a new piece, but it remains a charming read.

It is the knowledge that victory for the working class will only truly arrive when every worker individually owns the means of production—capable of fabricating anything and everything for themselves.

I suspect Oscar Wilde would second this vision.

Layla AbdelRahim’s New Piece on Education April 15, 2014

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[S]chools use grades and other psychological and physical punishment to coerce future resources (workers) to comply with the hierarchical order. Namely, good grades promise a higher place in the food chain; lower grades and bad reports threaten with hunger, homelessness, social isolation, and suffering either from unemployment or performing menial tasks in underpaid jobs in often horrendous conditions. School evaluations serve to justify the apathy on the part of those who exploit the suffering and labour of those whom this hierarchical socio-economic system forces to the bottom of the food-chain.


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