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Turning abundance into scarcity June 23, 2010

Posted by Summerspeaker in Technocracy, Technology.

Few things throw me into such abject despair as contemplating the the human response to digital plenty. Demonstrating a profound love of freedom and appreciation for justice, the Obama administration recently announced a massive piracy crackdown. It’s enough to make me fire up the old uTorrent and rob somebody.  Restricting the distribution of abundance at gunpoint to further enrich the elite is a classic case of doing it wrong. If it weren’t for this bullshit, every book ever published would be freely and easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The arts and sciences would flourish as never before. Instead a handful of corporation get a little more money and the state holds another excuse to harass people. Without a revolution, I fear the species will react to the advent of molecular manufacturing with even greater repression.



1. Valkyrie Ice - June 24, 2010

Oh the revolution is coming.

I have studied entirely too many history books. The patterns are all to clear. The final efforts of a dying social model, in this case, Corporatism, in which companies have become the current aristocracy, has just about reached the point of collapse, so in order to attempt to preserve themselves, they have attempted to re-write the laws to favor themselves, prevent progress, stifle innovation, ensure their profits, etc. etc. etc.

The weavers guilds did it too, so have numerous other historical “elites”

And the end result is ALWAYS the same. Inevitable collapse, the destruction of the “social order” and a quick restructuring to one more suitable to the new technological/intellectual age.

My sole hope, and goal, is to make this “revolution/evolution” one of the peaceful ones, like the “industrial revolution” as opposed to one of the ultra-violent ones, like the “French Revolution”

Repression DOESN’T WORK. It never, in all of mankind’s history, has.

All it does is lead to misery, and when the masses (which ALWAYS outnumber the elites) get fed up enough, buh bye elites.

So the RIAA/MPAA wins today. The nastier and more draconian they get, the sooner people will finally start saying ENOUGH!

And expect that to accelerate, since the net is allowing more people to see and participate in the larger social world.

I doubt that by the end of the decade that the current “status quo” will still be intact.

2. Summerspeaker - June 28, 2010

I doubt that by the end of the decade that the current “status quo” will still be intact.

I hope you’re right, though I’m somewhat less optimistic here. Reading the 2010 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement underscores to me that those who benefit from government-granted monopolies won’t give up without a bitter struggle. The document also highlights the horrifying tactic of wielding intellectual property as economic bludgeon against poorer countries. To anyone who’s unconvinced of the stupidity of the current arrangement and interested in non-revolutionary alternatives, see this piece by CEPR economist Dean Baker.

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