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Never forget the struggle against empire September 11, 2010

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anti-imperialism, Transhumanism.

All across the country today people are remembering the September 11 attacks. Various nefarious characters continue to use the event to further imperialism. Instead, the visceral horror of explosions and plummeting rubble should prompt passionate opposition to violence in general and U.S. foreign policy in particular.  According to the most rigorous estimates, the wars Iraq and Afghanistan have killed hundreds of thousands. The fighting has displaced, impoverished, and traumatized millions more. This situation is not meaningfully different from the countless earlier conflicts conducted by imperial powers to expand or retain their dominance. Moreover, from the transhumanist perspective, traditional justifications for war become unsustainable even with their premises accepted. If inflicting gruesome physical harm is the only way you can think of to achieve your goals, you’re simply not being clever enough. We can and should do better.



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