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Ignorant prejudice is the new scientific method February 5, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Evo psych, Feminism, Queer politics, Transhumanism.

The transhumanists over at IEET are honing my ability to think rationally with their outstanding examples. We in the humanities need this type of education to avoid slipping into superstition. It starts with burnt offerings to Foucault’s ghost and little shrines for Butler. Beware. Luckily I have rigorous minds to guide me back to the path of reason. When I mentioned Cordelia Fine’s book Delusions of Gender in the comments to Hank Pellissier’s latest article, Edward immediately responded with objectively correct outrage. Ey wrote, “Calling the work of many dedicated neuroscientists ‘sloppy research’ is pretty harsh, and baseless.” Hank eirself later launched invective toward Fine simply because I recommend the work:

Do not torment me by saying you are listening to Summerspeak – don’t go there! – stick with the scientific facts. I suspect that book he recommends is based entirely on some sniffly person’s very lame wishful thinking. Gender is not a “social construct” — gender is the rush and ooze of chemicals to create beasts who want to copulate and reproduce.

Fine actually comes from within the field rather than as an outside critic with a mind for feminist theory. (I’d prefer the latter, but I’ll take what I can get.) The double-decker buses she drives through much neurological  sex difference research could have been piloted by nearly anybody, though perhaps not as adroitly. So much evolutionary psychology looks idiotic at face value even to my BA-atrophied understanding of science. Combining half-assed data with scintillating cultural narratives inevitably produces fail and furthers oppression.



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