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We’re so inured to the violence of the state March 10, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Primitivism.

Two members of a peace group I’m involved with recently received letters from the city zoning authority that threatened arrest because of flyers for an upcoming anti-war rally placed on public property. The folks so notified of course had nothing to do with putting up any flyers and people here use similar flyers to advertise events all the time. A comrade read the letter aloud; the extended jumble of numbers and letters that made up the statute/code citation stood out as monstrously absurd. In internal discussions about how to respond and proceed, I expressed outrage at this assault on free speech while others identified the correspondence as a simple form letter, doubted political motivation, and suggested apologizing to the government for the more aggressively situated flyers. One member said ey had gotten the same sort of threat for overgrown weeds.

In practical terms, they’re obviously correct. It’s foolish of me to react with pain and anger to my friends being bullied by thugs with guns because that’s a fundamental feature of the society we live in.  Mechanical threats from impersonal entities keep civilization humming along. At times like these the primitivist critique speaks to me. I’m sensate creature, goddammit. As skeptical as I am appeals to biology, I feel passionately that I didn’t evolve feet to tiptoe through the white spaces of  law tomes. My body rebels against the contortions required to accommodate bureaucracy. Everything about the current legal system stands as monumentally dehumanizing. I don’t want to become docile and adapted to this alien environment. Any revolutionary program must overturn this stifling structure and instead treat people like people.

We should all cultivate disobedience within our hearts.



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