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Folks fear nuclear technology for good reason May 23, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anti-imperialism, Primitivism, Technology.

I just returned from a public hearing on the proposed Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Nuclear Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The lab and the associated resource extraction in northern New Mexico form a chilling display of how the imperialist-colonialist project employs technological systems. As described by an Acoma Pueblo member at the hearing, the government and economic circumstances forced mining programs on indigenous communities that devastated the land. They simultaneously subjected native peoples in the Four Corners region to nuclear weapons tests and the hazards of nuclear weapons development. Thus imperialism abroad – Cold War with the USSR – went hand in hand with colonialism and white supremacy at home. Navajo miners suffered the horrors of radiation poisoning in the name of national security. Despite the tragic history, the process continues. Indigenous communities still lack sufficient control over new mining plans and nuclear buildings, as the example of the CMRR building shows.  Corporations and government official dominate the decision-making.

Few things stand as obviously opposed to the well-being of the human species as harvesting deadly substances from the earth in order to construct weapons of mass destruction. Any genuine benefits from the enterprise emerge only by accident. It takes an elaborate system of coercion and bribery to effect compliance with such schemes. Anyone interested in harnessing innovation and scientific knowledge for positive ends must understand the nuclear industry’s nightmarish record and take it seriously. The existing industrial system directly responsible for the technologies we transhumanists celebrate leaves a host of silenced and marginalized victims.



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