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Second science fiction story published! August 2, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Science Fiction, The Singularity, Transhumanism.

My story “Riding with Alan Turing” appears in Loco-Thology: Tales of Fantasy & Fiction. It deals directly with the Singularity and transhumanism. Here’s the blurb I gave to the publisher:

In the near-future rural South, rebellious cop Billy searches for the spark of sentience amongst the many automated vehicles on the roads by stopping and interrogating them. Disappointed once again, he turns undocumented immigrant and technical professional Luna Luces for emotional support. Queerness and curiosity unite them. He consistently loses their hundred-dollar monthly bet on whether an artifical intelligence will pass the Turing test. Struggling with the oppressive nature of his position, Billy engages in slapstick war games with local youth and enrages the police hierarchy. Facing an ultimatum, he makes a last-ditch attempt to locate synthetic genius on the streets that yields surprising results. Through Billy’s personal quest and relationship with Luna, “Riding with Alan Turing” explores the tense interplay between technological advance and social justice so critical to contemporary politics and the coming decades.

My first science fiction story, “Growing Season in Mare Frigoris,” was published in the Return to Luna anthology in 2008.



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