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Ethics are a load of shit September 2, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism.

I write this after being subjected to a business ethics video and exam for my current job. Business ethics support the horrors of capitalism, hierarchy, and disciplinary culture. They’re strictly tools of the bosses to keep us in line.  I encourage everyone to engage in revolutionary unethical behavior. There’s nothing right or good about following rules designed to enshrine oppression.



1. CMStewart - September 2, 2011

I tried to find something wrong with the message of the video, and didn’t. ?

Summerspeaker - September 2, 2011

Did you find anything right with it?

The full video (the one I had to watch) is thirty minutes long and I guess only available to paying customers. This might make a difference.

CMStewart - September 7, 2011

“Did you find anything right with it?”

Within the context of this blog, I suppose not. I saw the brief version.

2. Dale Carrico - September 3, 2011

You have to be careful about the various hyphenated-ethics discourses “business ethics” “bio ethics” and so on. Ethics is an indispensable effort at generating provisional normative universals to help adjudicate inter-generational multi-lateral stakeholder disputes. Tack that prefix on — “business” or “bio” and it almost always becomes parochial moralizing indoctrination for elite-incumbents.

Summerspeaker - September 3, 2011

Oh, definitely. I’m being intentionally inflammatory here. Revolutionary principles/ethics guide my life. They’re just different from – and often opposed to – the ethics espoused by that business dude I had to listen to for half an hour.

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