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On Aerial Gardening September 9, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.

You can’t plant a tree that will live in a cloud.

So Dale Carrico tells me. However, given the circumstances, I see no alternative. James Hughes puts it wonderfully:

Most of us steadfastly ignore the fact that, just like our neighbors, we are floating in mid-air. Acknowledging that we are all in mid-air and don’t know how we got aloft in the first place is damned scary, and we have repeatedly seen people defect from our Enlightenment houses with glass floors to our neighbors’ houses of faith and dogma where they are not forced to look down. We need to learn the courage to acknowledge that we got this thing in the air through an act of will—that Reason is a good tool but that our values and moral codes are not grounded in Reason—or else we will lose many more people to the forces of irrationality in the future.

Acknowledging the historical construction of all ideologies and the uncertainty of all epistemologies provides a valuable counter to hubris and status games that center on The Truth. This need not lead to the political paralysis so often associated with postmodernism. I’m comfortable seeking revolution with passion and commitment from my decidedly limited and subjective perspective.



1. richard holt - September 17, 2011

‘our values and moral codes are not grounded in Reason.’

Unlike many (trans)humanists I would happily concede this but I would insist that values arise in Human Nature and that there is such a thing as The Truth. Just as it is important to acknowledge the ‘historical construction of all ideologies’ Nevertheless the predictive and technical success of science, including the study of Human Nature, is a sign-post that this is the least fallible of epistemologies. I’m all in favour of analysing the ideological and historical context and function of science.

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