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Dale on Transhumanism and the Transgender Movement September 11, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Feminism, Queer politics, Technology, Transhumanism.

Read it here. Ey also links to a charming older piece entitled Technology Is Making Queers of Us All. I think I’m in love with the Dale Carrico of 2006. The reference to the SCUM Manifesto particularly enchants, as does the conclusion:

The suspicions and the hopes technoprogressive posthumanisms hold for the still unknown futures before us are too general to crystallize into a widely shared, stable identity and yet too specific to provide general guidance for living. There is no one way to be posthuman. There is no one shared specific posthuman project. There is no universally shared history, no inevitable conversion experience, no truly canonical text. Cyborgs, like queers, may well want to turn to more promiscuous models of public intercourse for their political inspiration.

For queers who are bored with a vision of politics limited to the provision of rights to marry, adopt children and do battle, I will recommend to your attention the fledgling politics of technoprogressive posthumanisms which unite technological development with human self-creation in the hope of unleashing varieties of desire queers themselves have rarely (but sometimes) dreamt of.

For technoprogressives and posthumanists who are looking for wider cultural contexts and connections to help make sense of your struggles, I will recommend to your attention a century or so of radical queer writing and activism, which helped carve the way for your efforts and provide you with probable allies you definitely need right about now.



1. richard holt - September 16, 2011

I would like to know what proportion of people who self-identify as transhumanists are progressive with respect to queer and gender politics. I hope it is the overwhelming majority.

2. rechelon - September 20, 2011

Fuck. Yeah.

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