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Automation and the Absurdity of Capitalism September 19, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Technocracy, Technology.

Our problem is not that we don’t have enough stuff — it’s that we don’t have enough ways for people to work and prove that they deserve this stuff.

This comes from a recent article by Douglas Rushkoff. Ey questions the obsession over jobs in an environment of material abundance. The piece provides telling examples of how the quest to impose scarcity prompts the destruction of food and housing. It’s critical that people recognize this dynamic. Transhumanists, take note: in many ways we already live in a post-scarcity world.

Unfortunately, everything abruptly goes to hell when Rushkoff dismisses the universal distribution scheme advocated by communism and turns to champion of the middle class Jaron Lanier for answers.



1. n8chz - September 20, 2011

And if that’s not bad enough, Lanier proposes intellectual property as the way to rescue the middle class.

Summerspeaker - September 21, 2011

Yeah. We don’t have enough scarcity, so let’s invent more at the point of a gun! I can’t stand that mentality.

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