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The U.S. Is Already Occupied Territory October 2, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Anti-imperialism.

We don’t need more occupation – we need decolonization and it’s everyone’s responsibility to participate in that because COLONIALISM AFFECTS EVERYONE. EVERYONE! Colonialism also leads to capitalism, globalization, and industrialization. How can we truly end capitalism without ending colonialism? How does doing things in the name of “America” which was created by the imposition of hierarchies of class, race, ability, gender, and sexuality help that? I can’t get on board with the nationalism of  an “American” (or now “Canadian!”) revolution – I just can’t.  There has been too much genocide and violence for the United States and Canada to be founded and to continue to exist as nation states.

This critical analysis comes courtesy of Jessica Yee. Also check out JohnPaul Montano’s letter to the Occupy Wall Street activists. I’ve been involved in solidarity events here in Albuquerque. Love to everyone into the struggle.



1. Summerspeaker - October 4, 2011

Also see this post about confronting white and dude privilege within the movement.

2. Summerspeaker - October 5, 2011

Channeling folks like Andrew Jackson for support has profoundly troubling implications. I advise everyone – especially non-indigenous people – to exercise extreme caution in approvingly citing dead white supremacist colonial bosses. I don’t want Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt on my side.

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