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Rejected Letter to UNM Student Paper October 13, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anti-imperialism.

Expulsion of Protesters on Indigenous Day Outrageous


The aggression from UNM and state police against Occupy Albuquerque early Monday morning falls into a long tradition of colonial violence that began with Christopher Columbus in 1492. The expelled group included Native people and homeless folks, two populations specifically targeted by the city government here in Albuquerque and across the nation. Police harassment based on racial profiling is a daily reality on the street, as witnessed by the volume of discrimination complaints currently levied at the Albuquerque Police Department. Because of this context, it’s especially offensive that UNM chose to act at the start of Indigenous Day. They must have been celebrating Columbus Day instead.

My heartfelt support goes out to the Occupy Wall Street and Liberate Albuquerque movement. We should take this as an opportunity to recognize that the United States is an occupied territory and has fundamentally illegitimate foundations because of the dispossession of Native communities as well as the use of enslaved African labor. Colonialism isn’t merely history but a dynamic that profoundly shapes the present world. The country remains economically divided by race, with people of color possessing vastly less wealth than those part of that club of privilege known as whiteness. In like fashion, people of color continue to be excluded from other forms of status such as official educational achievement. The global situation of imperialist mass murder and sweatshop production presents even starker contrasts. This white supremacist social order isn’t remotely acceptable and must be abolished immediately if not sooner.

We cannot possibly establish justice and end economic inequality without addressing colonialism head-on. I encourage everyone to resist the horrific system by whatever means they can. Oppose police brutality, racial profiling, and policies that criminalize poverty. Reject U.S. imperialism. Tell UNM to terminate its complicity in the colonial project by stopping the harassment of the homeless, annihilating institutional racism, and withdrawing from all military research contracts.

I write for myself only but seek allies. Together we can make the society we dream of.

Peace, love, and revolution,
American Studies PhD Program



1. your a fucking idiot - October 13, 2011

Go away you fucking losers! Please relocated to a place that wants you like China or Cuba.

CMStewart - October 13, 2011

@ your “a fucking idiot”

Couldn’t agree more.

¡Viva la Revolución!

2. aakasha - October 13, 2011

that was uncalled for…..

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