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Activism Against White People December 30, 2011

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anti-imperialism, Transhumanism.

More of this, please. We need to smash whiteness with the quickness. Transhumanists ain’t going to transcend shit unless we make overcoming the global order that is white supremacy a primary objective.  My titular phrase comes from Judge Lewis Kowal’s ruling against ethnic studies in Tucson, Arizona:

The judge, who found grounds to withhold 10 percent of the district’s monthly state aid until it comes into compliance, said the law permits the objective instruction about the oppression of people that may result in racial resentment or ethnic solidarity.

“However, teaching oppression objectively is quite different than actively presenting material in a biased, political and emotionally charged manner, which is what occurred in (Mexican-American Studies) classes,” Kowal wrote.

The judge said such teaching promotes activism against white people, promotes racial resentment and advocates ethnic solidarity.

It looks as if they were doing something right in Tucson schools and white supremacists got scared. This court ruling reflects the growing levels of panic and reactionary ideology amongst white Americans.  Note Kowal’s classic employment of objectivity and rationality as rhetorical bludgeons.



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