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President Obama Nods toward Perfecting Liberalism May 9, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Queer politics.

In case you haven’t noticed, President Obama today came out in support of gay marriage (sort of). Color me unimpressed. The state sanctioning of gay marriage – should it occur – will likely further the demonization of queers like myself who don’t conform to gender norms, believe in monogamy, or yearn for the American dream. Rich and respectable gays and lesbians already despise us. So we have the president tepidly endorsing a dubious proposition with a decided dark side. Yay? At best – if done properly – liberal inclusion makes capitalism a bit more bearable. At worst, it uses the facade of diversity to intensify the oppression of “bad” members of the included group. In any case, it’s not the revolution, nor anything like the revolution. It’s not even a faint premonition.

As a queer anarchist who doesn’t particularly want to brawl with fascists, bash back, or perform other forms of aggressive revolutionary masculinity, I’m in an awkward spot in all this. I’m against bourgeois assimilationist nonsense, gay-gene garbage, and nuclear family ideals while simultaneously feeling alienating from opposition queer culture. Here, as in most other places, I make my own way.



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