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Off of the interwebs and into the streets? June 5, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Technology, Transhumanism.

We are #AnonBloc.
We are your sword.
We are your shield.
Expect us

I’m not quite sure what to make of this call for Anonymous to take up black-bloc tactics, but it seems promising. To the extent that street confrontation remains useful, I imagine a future of innovative disruption and self-defense techniques enabled by homemade gadgetry and supported by relentless campaigns against the technological systems employed by the oppressors. Let’s crash their computers, hijack their vehicles, and dismantle their war machines. With a little creativity and access to resources, a whole world of material interference that doesn’t involve hurting anybody becomes possible. It’s a crying shame police cars, border patrol SUVs, tanks, army jeeps, and military aircraft can show themselves in our communities. It’s not practical to steal or destroy them at the moment, but that’s a technical problem as well as a social one. At present revolutionary groups seem locked into the traditional repertoire of struggle that only includes holding signs, taking streets, tussling with cops, breaking window, targeted lethal violence, and indiscriminate lethal violence. I dream guerrilla sabotage against the bloody machines of the state as a novel way forward.

Here drones and other automated weapons (or just empty vehicles) make an especially tempting target. Attention rebel pilots: Follow the lead of Rudy Ramirez. Don’t just leak information, put a smoldering hole the physical infrastructure of imperialism.



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