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IEET 10% Anarchist by Volume June 25, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.

Who knew? Throw in the libertarian socialists and it’s up to 19% or nearly a fifth.



1. Dale Carrico - June 25, 2012

Can you possibly be regarding right-wing plutocracy enabling anarcho-capitalists and neoliberal market ideologues (Euro liberals) as continuous with euro- and occupy-style anarcho-socialists?

Dale Carrico - June 25, 2012

My bad, upon closer scrutiny I do see that you’re not. Good! I would still warn you that IEET plays fast and loose with terminology in such polls to garner a lefty result given the clear historical connection between transhumanoid discourse and extropian style market fundamentalism: who knows what sorts of eugenic optimization and technocratic circumvention of democracy people identifying as “technoprogressivism” are only too happy to countenance, all the while broadcasting their lefty credentials? Notice that categories like “upwinger” remain on the poll which are scarcely veiled US style Virginia Postrelian libertopian politics in substance. How many adherents of a poltiics defined by faith in an “AI singleton” so-called advocate reactionary complacency in the present as prelude to acquiescence to a totalitarian Robot God in the pined-for future? Are we supposed to view such positions as “beyond left and right” when they cleave so close to conventional far right religiosity in their substance? Quite apart from all that, I still think that many transhumanoids who quite earnestly fancy themselves folks of the left or moderate left indulge in consumer and corporate complacency under what they imagine to be “neutral” developmentalist frames of neoliberalism that amount to reactionary plutocracy of the most ferocious kind. One needs to move beyond self-congratulatory labels to structural critiques to grasp the substantial political work done by futurological discourses and especially its superlative and sub(cult)ural formations, in its more Ayn Raelian transhumanoid precincts.

Summerspeaker - June 26, 2012

Yeah, and even “monarchist” got 2%.

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