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The Internet Is a Scary Place July 29, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Despair, Feminism, Queer politics.

I’m basically out of commission because of Imperial Academy nonsense, but I’ve been reading up on the unrelenting war between trans folks and radical feminists during breaks from studying. How have I never encountered this in person? It all supports my suspicion that wildly disparate experiences, personal animosities, and status competition trump revolutionary solidarity. It’s best to die alone after exposing and renouncing everyone else as traitors to the cause. Let’s make sure the patriarchs keep on winning.



1. ytakery - July 29, 2012

““sex is not gender.”

“males are not females”

“females have a right to set a boundary and have it be respected.””

Radical feminists feel male trans folk are part of the patriarchy, and don’t want them anywhere near them. Personal animosities and wildly disparate experiences are a feature, not a flaw, as radical feminists want to keep the men (aka the patriarchy) away from them.

It’s fairly core to their revolution, the idea that masculinity is evil.

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