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It Feels Good to Be Known and Loved October 1, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism.

Of course, guerrilla warfare under conditions of foreign occupation does indeed target infrastructure — often effectively but never without costs and with no assurance of retroactive legitimation certainly — and probably Summer’s little band of self-congratulatory ninjas think in some loose way that breaking windows in Yonkers is an analogous operation.

Of course in a country of by and for the people to treat the government as an occupying force is to declare war on the people who are the government — and this is true even when the democracy is only notionally so and threatened as ours is by plutocracy and consumerism (not to mention very real and very wrong police violence violating the Constitutional right of free assembly and destroying our campuses and tyrannizing our precarious working population, all in ways that do indeed demand exposure, condemnation, resistance, reform, and punishment).

Summer wants to break windows for the minimum-wage precariat to clean up because Summer doesn’t want to accept the real responsibilities imposed by being an enfranchised citizen in this profoundly pernicious but also profoundly promising nation, Summer doesn’t want to do the work of reform struggle to make the nation accord better with its best principles, Summer doesn’t want to admit that few fellow-citizens would agree with enough of the specifics of Summer’s worldview to be won over by arguments or impressed by the example of nonviolent resistance or moved by the slow work of reform and so Summer rejects law and reform and the people as surely as any ugly reactionary fascist would — with the difference that Summer broadcasts love and solidarity to the very people whose windows get shattered and whose opinions get dismissed and whose resistance is sublimed away as the dance beat throbs on and the infantile ids boast ever on and on.

Summer is smart enough and aware enough both to know and do better (although I have begun to question the generosity of this assessment seriously), and is instead behaving abominably all the while thinking it the cutest thing in the world. Truly disgusting.

Dale Carrico



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