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Superhero Comics Are Reactionary Bullshit October 4, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Ageism, Science Fiction, Transhumanism.

I were it were otherwise. I type this with The Amazing Spider-Man yet lingering in my mind, but the claim applies to most if not all of the genre. I wouldn’t have thought Hollywood could surpass sixties comics in this department, but they managed to make the Spider-Man story even more politically pernicious than in its origins. That’s an impressive feat. So much for the progress narrative! While some folks who steal from convenience stores might indeed murder your uncle if ey gets in the way, many/most wouldn’t. By conditioning fear of criminals alongside respect for bourgeois property and the police, the film supports the worst horrors of modernity. It additionally portrays transhumanist goals within the well-worn trope of the mad scientist. I won’t even go into the heteronormativity. Yuck. These folks and people like Alvaro are the real superheroes. Do any comics have trans/queer leads who fight cops/straights instead of criminals?



1. LookOverThere - October 5, 2012

There’s always V For Vendetta…
I like David Graeber’s 140-character take: https://twitter.com/davidgraeber/status/234381121079615488

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