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Mission Accomplished November 6, 2012

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Despair.
Y’all’s celebrations disgust me. The United States government is a nightmare. Death to all domination. Smash the prisons, free the prisoners, tear apart the war machine, delete the border, expropriate the expropriators, castrate the patriarchs, and have the queerest dance parties in the street.


1. Dale Carrico - November 7, 2012

Interesting that you feel such hatred and disgust about the happiness people feel at trying to make things a little better, a little fairer, a little more supportive, a little more open to convivial and diverse. Don’t you endlessly bloviate about how you are all about love and joy and justice blah blah blah? Romney loses and now you’re all Hulk Smash! There is far more to politics than electoral politics, but to the extent that electoral politics can make a difference that makes even a modest difference in the direction of equity-in-diversity your hostility is telling you something important about you that you should pay attention to. Use that intelligence and energy to help out and get over yourself, if only for the sake of your own sense. I worry about you.

Summerspeaker - November 8, 2012

This post is simultaneously love, justice, and Hulk Smash! The outrage – as I assume you understand – comes from seeing folks cheering the figurehead of the system that brutalizes me and my comrades by the day. Your fairer and more supportive is a billy club to the skull or a prison term for my people.

Dale Carrico - November 8, 2012

Voting for a President isn’t properly a matter of voting for a God to worship or a daddy to order you around or blame everything on. It was going to be either Obama or Romney. Those were the only two options. And you are insanely wrong if you think there are no differences that make a difference between those outcomes (even if the difference between either of those outcomes and your own ideal outcome — presumably some anarchist variant — or my own ideal outcome — some sustainable democratic socialism variant is a difference that dwarfs that difference). If everything better short of your ideal is going to be identified with a billy club to your skull — even when it literally isn’t, even when fairer and more supportive makes lives better in ways even your own rhetoric entails you would prefer to the alternative — then your theory has lead you profoundly astray, you will never have anything that matters, you will never help anyone in ways that are legible to the stakeholders in question, your life cannot be meaningful or worthwhile. Who do you imagine benefits from all this punishment? If freedom is experiences only in temporary localized episodes your politics is literally indistinguishable from the most uncritical acquiescent consumer who experiences freedom watching tv or exing on a dancefloor. If action is random acts of vandalism and disruption your politics is literally indistinguishable from the most uncritical inefficacious criminality (which after all is also symptomatic of class/race/patriarchal stratifications and normalized abused but hardly activist for that). I strongly oppose the reduction of political to the electoral, I celebrate nonviolent direct action and art’s spiritual reconstruction of the masses — socialist feminist queer activist teacher at an SF art school here, recall — but I oppose equally the refusal of the electoral as a vector of collective resistance and reform that actually exists and I disdain the foolishness of strategies that fail to consider these (and other) layers of agency in relation to one another and I am very aware of the non-productive and mostly bourgeois narcissism of symbolic politics that partake in these refusals and simplifications. You really seem to want to help, you really seem to care about equity-in-diversity, you really seem smart: you need to get over yourself and help out for real and leave this pseudo-radical anarcho-masturbation techno-transcendentalist nonsense behind.

2. brian - November 8, 2012

after prez won the other night, they cut to the lawn of the white house and people were climbing trees and waving flags and chanting usa and shit and i thought, where have i seen this before. then remembered the exact same thing happened when they killed osama.

Dale Carrico - November 8, 2012

That was a scary night for me as well. But you imply that that was the only time you “have seen this before.” That can only be because you aren’t paying attention or are only seeing what you want to see.

brian - November 8, 2012

or only seeing what the tv wants me to see ….

3. Dale Carrico - November 8, 2012

That would be your fault.

brian - November 8, 2012

really, cuz i thought it was the teevees fault. but the actual fault is your implying, cuz i never implied that that was the only time i ever saw kids usa-ing it up on the front lawn of the white house. but, it is true that the only times i’ve ever seen it have been on tv.

Dale Carrico - November 8, 2012

Hokay, then.

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