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Red and Black at the IEET: Kris Notaro’s Vision March 21, 2013

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.

Some days ago, Kris published a piece sketching a sanguine future of automated production, universal popular democracy via real-time digital voting, and enhancement that leads to the ultimate acceptance of anarchist-socialism. I should have jumped into the debate then; the comment section stands out as lively. While I appreciate the appeal of the system Kris describes and acknowledge its possible utility, the idea of complete global inclusion in single decision-making institution – even a diverse federation – immediately arouses my skepticism. Totalizing structures (and theories) continue to cause vast suffering and frustration. I want individuals and communities to have control direct over their own life circumstances first and foremost. Coordination at a larger scale might well benefit from the sort of voting arrangement Kris proposes, but such coordination comes fraught with risk, especially if given too broad a mandate.

Fundamentally, I doubt that freedom will look like a well-oiled machine. I’ll be happy if we can avoid killing and dominating one another. I see greater potential in fragmentation than in trying to create a successful unified system, though these two dynamics need not exist in binary opposition.

As a side note, Wesley Strong makes a charming critique of IEET/transhumanism in the comments that demands reproduction here:

People at IEET seem all to ready to praise white elites like they are godsends. Warren Buffet is a fatcat assclown that profits from the despair of others (he profitted form the economic collapse of 2008). Bill Gates projects a positive image through institutions like the Gates Foundation, which many consider admirable, but what I would argue is just the ruling class buying alliegance from the working and underclass whilst exploiting them at the other end to the fullest extent. Don’t even get me started about Microsoft and how messed up they are. And don’t get me started on how the Gates Foundation is a giant white-man’s burden machine that is there to maintain poverty through acts of charity instead of acts of solidarity. They seek to aid so that others become dependant instead of working to create a society where they are not needed. It is the PR arm to make up for all the messed up crap that is microsoft. And Thomas Edison is a completely differemnt story. People on here are all too willing to praise capitalist elites that exploit millions while ignoring the billions that are marginalized by capitalism, some of them to death.




1. krisnotaro - March 22, 2013

Kris here, Thanks for referencing my article, I suppose, in the end, it is a anarchist-techno-positive rant. However, there is nothing more I would like to see than Consensus decision-making actually come to life at the local to global scale. I do not, I suppose, think there must be a violent revolution of the ‘anarchists vs. the capitalists’ but the only reason I say that, is because of the time we are living in – revolutions and ‘evolutions’ in the information technology sector happen everyday. The future of mind, awareness, consciousness, combined with the future of nanotech, BCIs, genetic engineering, etc lead me to conclude that we will be able to have consensus decision-making on the local-global scale, at the speed of light, and within seconds. conceptualizing about it something perhaps we should start doing today – but that does not mean we do not need to be out in the streets helping people in need, educating people, protesting for a better system. This is futurism, but as anarchists we are the “watchdogs” of both dictatorship driven socialism, and, well, given how many people actually control capitalism, dictatorship driven capitalism.

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