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Strong Marxist Critique of the Singularity Movement over at IEET October 12, 2013

Posted by Summerspeaker in Technology, The Singularity.

[M]ake no mistake: the singularity paradigm is a Trojan horse that smuggles a desideratum for the singular mastery of space and time by a few under the cover of a techno-utopia for the totality. If indeed the ruling elite is hastening us toward a singularity, as corporate and State projects would seem to suggest, then we must be cognizant of the actuality it signifies, and work to oppose it, not on anti-technology grounds, as the Singulartarians would have it, but from the standpoint of the use of science and technology for the purposes of human emancipation.

Read it here.

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1. Renegade666 - October 12, 2013

The Singularity will lead to remote neural monitoring,thought police, pre-crime behavior modification. It is a corporate fascist’s wet dream.Injectable brain-machine-interface (BMI) allows the quantum A.I. to read and learn human thought patterns. Nano-electronics leads to synthetic telepathy.The Transhumanist Agenda uses eugenics,reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips, and rewiring through pharmaceuticals to achieve the technotronic fascist utopia. These covert neuro-electronic technologies need to be exposed.

2. oogenhand - October 13, 2013

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