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Oh Dale! February 20, 2014

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism.

Over at amor mundi, Dale Carrico continues eir crusade against anarchism (it’s a whole section of eir blog!), this time in relation to stand-your-ground laws:

Anarchy as a real, living, effective force in American public life always drives Movement Republican organizing and policy-making in the service of elite-incumbency, even if a handful of anarcho-identified socialist, anti-racist, queer intellectuals declare themselves the “thought-leaders” of Occupy or noisily throng the comments sections of some lefty websites (mostly to complain about the impurity of Democrats actually striving imperfectly to accomplish things).

In the same spirit, I suggest that progressivism in practice furthers coercion and domination. Progressive intellectuals like Dale who preach nonviolence, democracy, and the Democratic Party at best naively do the work of oppression but mostly likely fancy themselves your masters.

Alternatively or additionally, these labels and ideals differ depending on the circumstances. As Dale suggests, invocations of freedom, self-determination, and self-defense can indeed bolster white supremacy. They have revolutionary resonances as well. While you can read stereotypical white-supremacist vigilante shooters as an anarchists, the interpretation of them as cops strikes me as considerably more enlightening. As in this piece by Tegan Eanelli, the dynamic of policing exceeds the police.



1. Summerspeaker - February 23, 2014

Dale responds here.

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