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Transhumanism and Anarchism Incompatible? May 4, 2014

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.

IEET just published a piece by John Danaher that assesses Elizabeth Kolovou and Stavros Karageorgakis’s anarchist argument against transhumanism. Sadly I’ve not by for anything more than passing remarks. Kolovou and Karageorgakis’s paper gets off to a inauspicious start by writing that “[t]ranshumanism does not express the visions of some insane techno freaks influenced by science fiction, but  ideas of well acknowledges philosophers and scientists of the West.” I’d say the movement contains both, and I’m more encouraged by the former than the latter. (There is of course some overlap.) The two authors provide a solid critique of transhumanism – in particular I echo their opinion of Nick Bostrom’s singleton – but I ultimately agree with Danaher conclusion if not necessarily with the logic that ey uses to reach it.

I think it’s more useful to identify various strands of anarchism as incompatible. As most folks in the anarchist scene know all too well, anarchists differ dramatically. So yeah, anarcho-primitivism and anarcho-transhumanism clash fundamentally at the theoretical level. Some anarchists promote nanotechnology, others send bombs to nanotechnology researchers. So it goes.



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