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A New Tendency February 29, 2016

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.
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Conservative Anarchist Transhumanism (CAT) – At least something still makes sense!

Conservative Anarchist Transhumanism (CAT) – Say no to pleasureshaming!

Conservative Anarchist Transhumanism (CAT) – Preserve your pattern from the hivemind!

Tired of William Gillis lecturing you on the cosmic mission to convert the universe into computronium? Find the conceit of persistent personal identity deeply reassuring? Love technology and rationality but also your own arbitrary desires? Dislike the taste of bullets? Join CAT today!





1. Summerspeaker - March 1, 2016

CAT comes as response to William Gillis’s transhumanist anarchism that denies persistent personal identity and wants everybody to toil 24/7 to convert the universe into computronium. CAT promotes the individual as foundational even if partially fictional. CAT opposes shaming any intelligence into computronium conversion, recommends a 4hr workday as the standard, and affirms the legitimacy of just hanging out on the holodeck. CAT stands for good old-fashioned family values like sci-fi-themed queer orgies in virtual reality.

2. Summerspeaker - March 1, 2016

CAT’s revolutionary plan:

1. Smash the state, capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, etc.

2. Secure the comfort and pleasure of existing intelligences via technical and social systems. This involves enhancement and artificial intelligence but no frenzied expansion. This stage likewise involves arrangements for primitivists and others who want to opt out to whatever degree.

3. Contemplate existence for decades or centuries while also living it up in virtual reality.

4. Tentatively: Realize computronium conversion is the way to way to go and proceed with that cosmic plan, albeit still making arrangements for primitivists as needed (i.e. leaving Earth if they want it rather than turning it into a Dyson swarm).

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