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Obligatory Fourth of July Post July 4, 2016

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Anti-imperialism.

Goldman’s words ring as true today as when ey first spoke them. Similarity, Ricardo Flores Magón wrote the following in a 1911 article about anti-Mexican racism in the United States:

I don’t deny, I can’t deny that there are good and intelligent Americans; but how scarce they are, how scarce. The American standard, that is, the common and ordinary American is a thing a bit hard to swallow. In regards to religion, he’s a fanatic; in regards to politics, he’s an idiot; in regards to patriotism… ay, ay, ay! There’s nobody more patriotic than him.

Patriotism is the gangrene of this people. Their patriotism is an unhealthy sentiment, whose manifestations reach the degree of denying precisely what they want to affirm: that they are the most intelligent, most beautiful, and best men of the world.

In school they are stuffed with prejudices, with a thousand stupidities. In school they are taught from childhood that the American race (raza) has made wonders and is in the lead of all races of the land… and that patriotic lie makes this people unbearable. Poor those of us who have skin a bit dark! Poor those who don’t speak English! Poor blacks! Poor Mexicans! Humiliations are for us.

Sadly much of this remains accurate as well.

While oppositional nationalisms arguably have utility under current circumstances, dominant nationalisms merit our wholesale condemnation. Sure, with sufficient cherry picking, the principles of American Revolution align with anarchism. The interpretative process resembles that of the finding anarchism in Christianity. Both Americanist anarchism and Christian anarchism come with unnecessary and oppressive baggage. I recognize that strategic value of remixing puissant cultural forces but worry about what comes along for the ride.

I say U.S. nationalism and the Unites States of America as a political need to go. There’s not enough there worth recuperating.



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