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Thinking about Inauguration Protests as a Historian January 20, 2017

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.

While I’m not your stereotypical bash-the-fash anarchist, here on Inauguration Day I want to call attention to the stakes involved. Unless the fascists or similar (maybe liberals?) write the history books, I doubt the authors will chide us for excess in resisting a Donald Trump presidency. They won’t spill much ink mourning broken windows or bruised fascist faces. Instead, they’ll wonder why we didn’t go harder. They’ll wonder how we could tolerate the fact that people across the world lack access to basic comforts despite the technical means to provide them. They’ll marvel over our indifference to borders, deportations, and torture chambers (detention centers, jails, prisons). They’ll express outrage at our acceptance of militarism and drone assassinations. They’ll be puzzled that we didn’t recognize heteropatriarchy as a constant crisis. Etc.

The historians of the future will wish we’d taken more risks to overturn our intolerable and now worsening status quo.



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