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Does Truth Matter When Fighting Evil? January 22, 2017

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism, Transhumanism.
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So this image has been making the rounds on social media. It attributes a Colin Liddell quotation apparently advocating black genocide to Richard Spencer. That’s sloppy but arguably fair enough because Spencer was editing the site where Liddell’s piece appeared. However, Colin Liddell claims eir critics are misreading the piece, that ey used the figure of black genocide to highlight genocidal language supposedly used against white South Africans. I’m certainly not suggesting any of this is remotely acceptable or that it negates the case for punching Spencer, but accuracy still matters in times of war. Justifying physical violence against the outgroup via misattribution of a quotation taken out of context isn’t okay.


1. vm - January 27, 2017

Not only did Spencer not write this (or apparently even publish it), when read in context it has almost the opposite meaning to the one implied by the selective quotation.

Summerspeaker - January 27, 2017

Spencer was an editor for piece in question. Liddell writes about how Spencer chose to pull the piece eventually.

vm - January 29, 2017

Hmm, Spencer has been claiming (on Twitter) that he was not editor of the site when the articles were published. I have to admit that I don’t have enough interest in the Byzantine world of far-right internet trolls to verify which story is correct.

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