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Sakai’s Settlers in 2020: Still Critical May 2, 2020

Posted by Summerspeaker in Anarchism.

Ever since learning about J. Sakai’s Settlers, I’ve always considered its core claim correct: the U.S. white working class as a whole has consistently sided with white supremacy & settler colonialism over revolutionary international solidarity.

Regardless of current controversies & the way some tankie types invoke Settlers as a bludgeon, let’s be on the same page regarding Sakai’s analysis of the USA as fundamentally a white settler society. As Sakai notes, lots of oppressed peoples have of course long recognized this.

Debates/arguments between tankies & anarchists often become confused because tankies accuse anarchists of denying or downplaying the profound power of settler colonialism. White anarchists too frequently provide a basis for this charge.

However, the most compelling versions of anarchism & of MLM hardly disagree in their description of the problem of white supremacy & settler colonialism. They differ on the ideal path forward in this context.

Attempts at generative conversation should keep this in mind.

Anarchists & other radical critics of MLM: If opposition to tankies leads you to hate Sakai & Settlers or at all minimize the central importance of dismantling settler colonialism here on the USA’s stolen land & globally, you’ve gone astray.


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