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A Salute to Korryn Gaines: Live Free, Die Young September 23, 2016

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Because I live under a rock and/or because the police kill so many people it’s hard to keep up, I just learned about Korryn Gaines today. After watching the video of the traffic stop that serves as backstory to Gaines’s fatal encounter with police on August 1, I’m struck by how Gaines behaved with the cops about as I’d like to. Eir analysis during the traffic stop was on point: “So who the fuck are y’all? A bunch of fucking gang members!” Bold as a lion, indeed.

A couple days ago, the authorities who killed Gaines decided they done no wrong. Shocking.

Maybe I’m missing it, but I ain’t finding any outpouring of support for Gaines from anarcho-capitalists, libertarians, anti-government militias, and so on. I see a positive piece or two (example) plus various ones (example) criticizing Gaines’s supposedly poor choices. This seems weird. It’s almost as if a bunch right libertarians consider Gaines part of the outgroup.

I don’t encourage hurting any feeling being, but mad love and respect to everybody who refuses to bow down to authority.

Gaines tried to live free and ended up dead. If enough people practice the same commitment to liberty, they won’t be able to kill us all.