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In the words of anarchists throughout the ages, we don’t want any one thing, we want everything. – Anarcho-Transhuman: A Journal of Radical Possibility & Striving 1

At this blog I analyze and critique transhumanism from a queer anarchist perspective with the aim of encouraging revolutionary action that employs technology for social transformation.


I’m an American Studies PhD student at the University of New Mexico, anarchist, and aspiring science fiction author. I’ve been involved with Copwatch, Food Not Bombs, labor organizing, support work for Chicano political prisoner Xinachtli (aka Alvaro Luna Hernandez), and so on. I identify as genderqueer and transgender and prefer gender-neutral pronouns. (Pronouns, bathrooms, and paperwork consistently discomfort me.) I’ve got science fiction short story publications so far: “Growing Season in Mare Frigoris” and “Riding with Alan Turing.” You can read some of my fantasy fiction here.

Commenting Policy

Out of either naïveté or masochism, I favor open discussions at present. Unfortunately, that means my blog is not a safe space, as misogyny in particular occasionally runs rampant in the comments. I encourage readers who have the inclination to vigorously refute oppressive narratives as they appears.

Unpopular Opinions

Guided by Shulamith Firestone’s thought and my own experiences of subordination growing up, I question the whole division of humans by age. This entails sexual freedom for younger folks, though exactly what that means remains an open question. This position has gotten me banned from /r/Anarchism by moderator Voltairinede for allegedly being a “fucking pedo.” I consider the charge sadly emblematic of the current state of anarchist and broadly leftist discourse. So many only wish to identify and crusade against monsters.

I’m skeptical of assigning irrationality to and otherwise dehumanizing most anybody, including fascists. I criticize arguments against fascists as I see fit. I recognize the merits of physically attacking fascists but don’t personally take or promote that line.

I think there’s a decent chance eliminating all life as a final solution to suffering constitutes the ethically optimal approach. If I ever turn to the dark side, that’s likely where you’ll find me.

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